Silicon Valley Rising

Stand with Tech Workers

Together we are the engineers, tech users, shuttle drivers, programmers, janitors, professionals, cafeteria workers, and security officers who make the world’s most successful technology companies possible.

Today our co-workers are under threat — whether from hateful policy flowing from Washington DC, or tech industry scandals of sexual harassment and poverty wages faced by subcontracted service workers.

We need our companies to stand with their workforce and take action against hate and injustice that threatens to harm our coworkers and communities.

We are calling on our companies and corporate leaders to take concrete actions to resist hate and injustice:

  • Protect the rights of our immigrant coworkers and use all political and legal resources to resist mass deportations.
  • Fight hate and discrimination in public policy and build more inclusive workplaces.
  • Address tech's impact on inequality through hiring responsible service contractors and investing in affordable housing solutions.

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